April 2008


To Remember a Madam | Thomas Crone

Romeo Void | Chris King

Weathering Storms | Judith Kelvin Miller

April Kodiak  |  by Stefene Russell

O, God Let Heaven Be A Burlesque Show | Melissa Singleton

Gossip | Orhan Veli



Gossip | by Orhan Veli
Translated by Defne Halman and Chris King

Who said that I was smitten by Suheyla?
Who saw -- tell me, who? -- that I kissed Eleni
In broad daylight in the middle of the street?
Supposedly I took Melahat and went to Alemdar
Is that what you're saying?
I'll explain it later
But whose leg am I supposed to have pinched on the trolley?
And they say I got drunk and hung out at the Galata brothels
Forget it, man, forget it
Put it right out of your mind
I know what I do

And how about the rumor that I dragged Mualla
Onto a rowboat and made her sing "Grief is in My Heart"?