April 2008


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O, God Let Heaven Be A Burlesque Show | Melissa Singleton

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O, God Let Heaven Be A Burlesque Show | by Melissa Singleton

Like surely every woman in Heaven
wonít be buttoned up to the neck
covered to the ankle. If we have eyes
In Heaven then who wants the women
    to look like Emily Dickinson: Blouse-n-Ribbon neatly in place?--
        Emily: be naked, loose your hair from that harsh comb.

On earth a corset is a bone-breaker, but in Heaven
ribs donít break and women donít starve.

Itís the only place I will ever be handsome--

Somewhere came the idea strippers are same as whores.
I say let them be.
Let them be as ink; let them be impeccable--
Like a woman undressing behind a thin curtain.

Let there be Heaven.
Let there be some monument: ceramic nipples painted red.


Melissa Singleton is a St. Louis native. She wanders the earth that is inside the mind, though she recently lived in the mystical hills of Northern California in an ancient forest among five hundred year-old Redwoods and the world's favorite medicinal herb. Her poems have appeared here and there, but she hopes to get her book published and, subsequently, be loved and adored by the masses and make other poets pee in their pants with pleasure.