Online Edition 04.2007


Five Minutes of Hell with Harley Race | Thomas Crone

Nipkow Disc (1883) | Greg Ott

Rural Rhetoric | L.A. Ramsey

Knees Knock | Brett Underwood

American History | Matthew Webber

Chris | Jennifer Woods


Sound of St. Louis | Kerry Zimmerman

SOUND Photos | Dana Smith, L.A. Ramsey, and Jane Linders

Chris | by Jennifer Woods

You swirl of yellow-skip and blue
        You jump of red
    Little joy
        Little sound
You remind me that there are songs sung like this
Sung like joy
        and of course
    and I know you, love you, love you
That quiet little sound.

You burn of late-year brown and soft
        You musk of gray
    Little hum
        Little sigh
You remind me that there is warmth found like this
Felt like blanket
        and come home
    and I know you, love you, love you
That quiet, little sigh.


Jen Woods is a poet and short fiction writer from Louisville, Kentucky. She serves as an editorial and marketing assistant for Sarabande Books, an independent literary press.