Online Edition 04.2007


Five Minutes of Hell with Harley Race | Thomas Crone

Nipkow Disc (1883) | Greg Ott

Rural Rhetoric | L.A. Ramsey

Knees Knock | Brett Underwood

American History | Matthew Webber

Chris | Jennifer Woods


Sound of St. Louis | Kerry Zimmerman

SOUND Photos | Dana Smith, L.A. Ramsey, and Jane Linders


SOUND Photos | by Dana Smith, L.A. Ramsey, and Jane Linders

Dr. Dog at the Creepy Crawl, May 2008  |  Dana Smith

Musicalities  |  L.A. Ramsey

7 Shot Screamers at Vintage Vinyl  |  Jane Linders


Dana Smith's artwork has appeared in previous issues of 52nd City and his former band Cloister appears on the SOUND CD.

L.A. Ramsey's prose piece Rhetoric of the Rural appears on the SOUND online edition.

Jane Linders is a St. Louis photographer most known for her Poloroid transfer work. She went all punk rock on us this time out.