FRIENDS                                                               Photo: Lindsey Durway

Faith Issue 07.14.2006

Editor's Note

To look across the skyline of St. Louis City is to assume a rather religious town. Spires and steeples of varying degrees of modesty break up our horizontal view, suggesting that we’re a community steeped in faith.

Perhaps the reality is a bit less grand than that, but countless churches, temples and other buildings given over to temporal thought are all around us.

When we suggested an issue on Faith, we assumed that the Catholic nature of our region might bring us a flood of submissions dealing with the fall from Catholicism. And, it’s true, we have a bit of text relating, directly or not, to that subject. But our fellow writers and visual artists have also sent in pieces dealing with a variety of other interpretations on Faith, from nature to the occult to Islam to less-definable pursuits.

Read as the whole, the mix is as interesting, as varied as our first issue, Work, and possessing the cutting edge feel that we hoped for when launching this project. We’d also love to take this moment to remind you that a lot more photography, poetry and prose can be found on our affiliated website. We’d also invite you to visit our blog and flickr group, for added entertainment.

Thanks for this issue should go out to the outlets that have stocked our magazine – Subterranean Books, Dunaway Books, Left Bank Books, The Royale, Hartford Coffee Company, Tension Head and Vintage Vinyl. As well as our advertisers – Mad Art Gallery, The Time and, again, The Royale and Hartford Community Café. We benefit again from the talented art direction of Caroline Huth and the cover artwork of Eric Woods and Firecracker Press, while welcoming a new, City-based printer, Murray Print Shop.

Please check out the rest of our site for information on subscribing, advertising, or submitting and thanks in advance for your interest. 

And not to forget the big question… the next issue, due October, 2006, is given over to possibly the most crowd-pleasing topic yet, for both readers and writers: Drink.

St. Louis, in addition to being a town given over to Faith, is a town that likes its Drink.

‘Til then, enjoy.
Andrea Avery, Thomas Crone & Stefene Russell

Online Edition

Love Letter to New York | by Andrea Avery

Snapshot of Christ | by Joe Esser

The Beginnings of an Animal Rescuer | by Randy Grim

From Way Down Here to Way Up There | by Chris King

The Gift | by Christian Saller

High on Jesus | by Rob Thurman

Cemeteries | photos by Jane Linders, Katherine Bish, and Andrea Avery

Print Edition   


Robert Keyes | by Aaron Belz

In Appreciation: The Pruitt-Igoe Nature Preserve | by Thomas Crone

As Grandmother Neared Death | by Lindsey Durway

Say Hello to Papa Legba | by Franklin Jennings

Jackrabbit Stew | by Patrick Landewe

From Out of Nowhere | by K. Curtis Lyle

Oh Ye Of Little Faith | by Andrea Noble

Variations on a Rag for William S. Burroughs | by Randall Roberts

Torn Map Home | by Stefene Russell

As a Means to Love Him More Dearly | by Eric Erfan Vickers

Thank Christ for Easier to Argue | by James Weber

Southern Spine | by James Weber


Andrea Avery, Jenna Bauer, Andrea Day, Thomas Crone, Caroline Huth, Jane Linders, Carmelita Nuñez,   Kerry Zimmerman