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 Some Things Are Universal   Photo: Lindsey Durway

FOREIGN EXCHANGE Issue: January 2008

Editor's Note

If this issue seems…somehow…just a little bit…different, well, we’d offer the following as a possible explanation. After one web preview, one CD and six prior print editions, this one’s got (yes!) two words in the title. Foreign Exchange. Yup, two words. There they are. Foreign Exchange. Two of ‘em. Weird!

It’s still a little hard for those of us in the 52nd City compound to wrap our heads around this radical shift, but we’re trying. Experimentation brings on that kinda reflection. After exploring a variety of “S” themes in 2007, we’ve decided to break up the old habits and welcome in some new possibilities. And Foreign Exchange seemed a good way to do so. As always, we wondered what directions people would travel in when given the option and we found ourselves traveling to a variety of written and photographic explorations over the past three months, as the issue began to coalesce. Short of any adventures in Antarctica, we’ve got most of the major continents covered, with a variety of thematic twists on travel, internationalism and belonging. We hope you enjoy these diverse bits of wisdom and creativity.

Of course, we want to point out the fact, again, that 52nd City is not only a print magazine. We publish a full complement of stories, photography, poetry and other graphic fun right here at our website. You can also read our blog about doings around St. Louis. And for those of you maybe picking up one of the coverless copies that we’ll scatter around town at coffee shops and readerly nooks, realize that what you really want is the covered edition, with our classic Firecracker Press chipboard and ink magic.

As always, there are thanks to spread around and about. Mostly in St. Louis, some abroad. Caroline Huth’s again worked her magic on our interior design, via her 52nd City outpost in Chicago; while not a foreign city, it’s plenty international and we dig that, most of all, about our I-55 neighbor. (We’d actually like to extol our town here: to promote and embrace our diversity, at every opportunity. The more mixed-up, the better.) Murray Print Shop’s executed another fast and affordable print job and we continue to recommend them to all of our friends. A growing cast of subscribers is welcomed and thanked here. Believe us, each check goes right back into production and, in 2008, some of those vaunted “non-issue-but-still-52nd-City” productions are going to come to fruition. Our advertisers, of course, deserve major kudos, as well, providing the lifeblood of lucre. Thanks to all. Note, after this crazy, two-word title business of Foreign Exchange, we slide back into our familiar thematic world for the bulk of 2008: Sexy is coming in April; Food is offered in July; and October proves the most Cruel & Unusual month, indeed. Interested in submitting? Check our aforementioned site for details. In fact, just check it for all kinds of quirky, crazy and evocative items.

With cheer,
Andrea Avery
Thomas Crone
Stefene Russell

Online Edition


30 Foreign Exchange Students | Lindsey Durway

By Siem Reap's Ruins, a New Night Scene | Stefene Russell

Party of 17 | Giacomo Volante


This month's feature photo was taken by Lindsey Durway at Fort Navan in Northern Ireland (2004). Located at  the edge of the city of Armagh, Fort Navan has a genuine claim to be the oldest settlement in Ireland, dating back to Queen Macha in 600 BC.  These children were on a field trip and getting a little frisky. Note the wise guy sitting near the center of the photo.

Print Edition   

Firecracker Press

Caroline Huth

Andrea (Avery) Decker, Brett Beckemeyer, Thomas Crone, Arpad Ikuma Czismazia, Jay David, Thom Fletcher, Dave Gray, Angela Hamilton, Devin Johnston, Chris King, Nicole Rainey, Emily Randall, Geoff Story, Eduardo Vigil