July 2008


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Don't Forget About Your Veggies | by s.c. truckey

If I could take the vegetables back,
I would

One by one
from their paper vegetable bag they would go

radish by radish
beet by beet
stalk by stalk
bulb by bulb

it would symbolize my displeasure with you and the way you held her hand while walking past me down the street that one night I saw you

People who do that sort of thing don't deserve vegetables
Even potatoes
(the poor man's fruit)
or mushrooms
(found in my backyard)
or spinach
(it's supposed to make you strong, you know)

I'm not sure why I'd rather have those back
instead of slapping you
or writing hateful things on your sidewalk with sidewalk chalk
or texting you to say you did me wrong
or spreading the rumor to my friends that you're a jerk

Maybe because they meant a lot to you
and you ate them
cooked them with care
without me at your side
to tell you how to do it


s.c. truckey is a writer and photographer originally from Alton, Illinois, now living in St. Louis. She blogs at