Online Issue 01.2007

Galen's Stuff |  Jess Dewes
Photo Essay

Streetside Pick Up |  Elie Gardner
Photo Elie Gardner

The Gift and Burden of Possession |  Ari Holtz

Franklin Visits eBay! |  Franklin Jennings

The Book | Luby Kelley
Illustration Matt Kindt

Killed By Their Own Art | Byron Kerman

Liberation | Julie Newberry

Bless This Mess | Claire Nowak-Boyd
Photos Michael R. Allen

Best of Mississippi Nights | Jim Utz

Print Edition


Andrea Avery, Diana Benanti, Thomas Crone, M. Davis, Heidi Dean,  Amanda E. Doyle, Joe Esser,  Chris King, François Luong, L.A. Ramsey, Stefene Russell, Steven Schreiner, and Erik Smetana.


Andrea Avery, Thomas Crone, Bill Cable, Jess Dewes, Katy Fischer, Jane Godfrey, Dave Gray.



 Galen's Stuff | by Jess Dewes







Photographer Jess Dewes teaches sculpture and ceramics at University City High School. Her work has been exhibited in Kansas City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Santa Fe, and St. Louis.  




Last year, while conducting research for a portrait of gallery owner Galen Gondolfi, I had the pleasure of touring his storage, work, gallery, and living spaces on Cherokee Street. These are just a few of the fifty-plus photos I snagged during my tour. I feel it is important to note that I did not arrange any of these objects for documentation; Gondolfi seemed to live amongst these still life compositions.