LIVE WHERE YOU WORK                                            Photo: David Garcia

Work Issue 04.12.2006

Editor's Note

When we set out to create an issue about “Work” we didn’t necessarily anticipate two pieces referencing hookers. Written by two Toms, no less. But that’s just what happened. Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising, since we asked a whole lot of folks to address the concept of commerce, from a wide variety of perspectives. And not all of them use words, alone. Hmm.

In our debut print edition, you’ll get the scoop on liquor running and what can happen where a haircut goes terribly awry. You’ll learn something about the barge industry and you’ll marvel over the injuries suffered by a professional wrestler. A poem about the recently deceased, inspired by the weekly newspaper? We have one. Drawings of local, independent businesses, sketched by a guitarist and songwriter? Those we’ve got. Ruminations on early-morning travel? Yes, of course, they’re here.

You can also find information on advertising in our magazine. Ah, yes, since this is the “Work” issue, we’d be remiss in forgetting to mention the fantastic opportunities awaiting you by advertising with our publications! And we’d be equally remiss in not thanking our current, charter sponsors: the Hartford Community Café, The Royale and Fred Hessel, a crackerjack realtor with Edward L. Bakewell Inc.

Thanks, too, to several businesses who’ve held events for us and/or are soon to do so: Hartford and the Royale (they are generous, they are), Mad Art Gallery, Atomic Cowboy and the late Gallery Urbis Orbis.

Also, special thanks to Caroline Huth, the Creative Director for our print edition and Eric Woods, of Firecracker Press, who printed the handsome cover. A fine job by both!

Please drop in on our 52nd City Magazine Release Party at Atomic Cowboy on Wednesday, April 12th where we will have issues available for sale. Very soon (we promise), you will be able to subscribe online. 

Finest regards,
Andrea Avery, Thomas Crone & Stefene Russell

Online Edition

Pilgrims | by Andrea Avery

Work | by Aaron Belz

Music Man | by Daniel Durchholz

St. Pete's | by Franklin Jennings

Left Bank | by Brandyn Jones

The Training Ground | Tony Renner

Shoe Jail | by Stefene Russell

Work is a Four Letter Word | by Brett Underwood

Print Edition   

Shoe Factory | by Andrea Avery

All Eyes: The Mansion Hotel | by Thomas Crone

Why We Never Leave South City | by Julie Dill

The Man Who Ran Corn for Mister Otha Turner | by Chris King

How I Became a Zackaroo | by Brian H. Marston

On Being Mr. Bibbs | by Michaela McGinn

Six Things About Barges You May Not Know | by Butler Miller

Businesses and Buildings | by Dana Smith

When The Honest World Has Passed Away | by Stefene Russell

My Road | by Tom Weber