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Backyard | by Andrea Avery

Hidden Pulleys on Balcony Four | by Aaron Belz

The Bars of Our Fathers | by Thom Fletcher

Deep in the heart of Chesterfield: A city rat considers the suburbs | by Chris King

Coffeehouse | by Michaela McGinn

This Way Chuck Berry | by Thomas R. Raber

Sonnet: PSA | by Tony Robinson

Stardust in a Phrygian Key | by Stefene Russell

Sophomores | by Julia Smillie

The Ghosts of Winifred Moore | by Mike Steinberg

Four Days Behind the Iron Curtain, or, I'm With the Band | by Mary Kaye Tonnies

Late Night Radio | by Brett Underwood



 Backyard | by Andrea Avery






Andrea Avery fell for the Holga last year and has since gone on to buy even more cheap cameras like the Anscoflex II, which maybe explains why she can't afford a rake.  




My backyard is unnecessarily, but delightfully deep.  I rarely have to mow because it is so shady. I rarely have to rake because no one cares. It has become the graveyard for all past projects. Bones, bowling balls, exercise balls, doors, windows, mirrors, and scissors--all markers of old ideas.