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30 Foreign Exchange Students| by Lindsey Durway

  1. Fumiko thought that in America, all roads led to the movie theater.
  2. Ultimately, only Kim gave a crap about Goetz's incredible soccer skills.
  3. Cocky Scott taught us the word "twattie."
  4. Paola never knew what was going on.
  5. You'd be covering Oliver out on left wing, and then, poof, he'd disappear.
  6. Simon tried to hide his innocent charm with wit and pedantry.
  7. The other Simon was simply hidden.
  8. Fiesty Miranda said the UK has more than one math.
  9. Jolly Miranda giggled a lot.
  10. Short-haired Didier carried a baise-en-ville, which means "fuck-in-town."
  11. Long-haired Didier said little, played soccer in converse high-tops.
  12. Nick used the phrase "veritable badinage" on the air.
  13. Greek, who was known only as Greek, wore a feather earring.
  14. Miguel taught us how to pronounce Poulenc.
  15. Until you got to know her, Marie Christine left you speechless.
  16. Nathalie was a good sport.
  17. Anna and the other girl kept to themselves.
  18. Jacques walked straight into class after a 2000-mile bus trip.
  19. Francois tried to throw himself through a bulletproof store window.
  20. John Peter never uttered a word of English until the conversation turned to religion.
  21. Keng said it was the "chemicals in my brain," not our philosophers, that were the problem.
  22. Magda's best friend was God, with whom she had long conversations.
  23. Fozzie had it all worked out: Shirley would learn Arabic; he would marry her; he would get a free ride to America.
  24. Christine was happy to take a few hundred francs for a "marriage blanc."
  25. Dan spoke Tshiluba to the campus dogs.
  26. Hobbit-like Tim tugged at his forelock when speaking on the phone.
  27. Shannon screamed obscenities until the liberty launch pilot let her on the boat.
  28. Years later, Margaret would return and marry her former boyfriend.
  29. Once there, Mary refused to meet up with her friend because he "wasn't interesting."
  30. Lisa might not have gone had she known that she would end up giving Dr. L. his morphine shot every night.


Lindsey Durway still dreams of the chocolate croissants of France.