Online Edition 07.14.06

Love Letter to New York | by Andrea Avery

Snapshot of Christ | by Joe Esser

The Beginnings of an Animal Rescuer | by Randy Grim

From Way Down Here to Way Up There | by Chris King

The Gift | by Christian Saller

High on Jesus | by Rob Thurman

Cemeteries | photos by Jane Linders, Katherine Bish, and Andrea Avery

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Love Letter to New York | by Andrea Avery

Robert Keyes | by Aaron Belz

In Appreciation: The Pruitt-Igoe Nature Preserve | by Thomas Crone

As Grandmother Neared Death | by Lindsey Durway

Say Hello to Papa Legba | by Franklin Jennings

Jackrabbit Stew | by Patrick Landewe

From Out of Nowhere | by K. Curtis Lyle

Oh Ye Of Little Faith | by Andrea Noble

Variations on a Rag for William S. Burroughs | by Randall Roberts

Torn Map Home | by Stefene Russell

As a Means to Love Him More Dearly | by Eric Erfan Vickers

Thank Christ for Easier to Argue | by James Weber

Southern Spine | by James Weber


Andrea Avery, Jenna Bauer, Andrea Day, Thomas Crone, Caroline Huth, Jane Linders, Carmelita NuŮez,   Kerry Zimmerman


Snapshot of Christ | by Joe Esser

How the almost dead
have said He appears
was recently mystically etched
in the no manís land of 35mm.
where mechanical engineering allows film
no trespass (inside the magic box of an anonymous shrinegoer),
resembling no existing portrait.
This, now thoroughly distributed
amongst fringe miracleists,
and presented to me as a gift at Thanksgiving,
perches on a nightstand in my bedroom,
its gaze fixed on
the hidden imprints of my sins.


Joe Esser is the author of The Book of Punch Lines (Yoo-Hoo Press, 1993), and his poems have appeared in the Independent Review and SPSM&H. He is a founding member of the Hoobellatoo multimedia documentary and the owner of a small web development outfit. He lives in Wayne, NJ.